Bully Awareness Touring Production

Bully Awareness Touring Production 2015Spring 2015

StarStruck Theatre, an award-winning youth performing arts company, is celebrating our 20th year of delighting audiences. Our mission is to provide Arts education to youth and exceptional performances for the entire community.

We are delighted to announce we will once again be offering the bully awareness program for school assemblies. Our 2015 touring production will be Treasure Allies. It is an enlightening story filled with humor and imagination that will demonstrate methods of preventing bullying in our schools. The play is designed for grades 1-6 and focuses on bullying and harassment. Your students will learn:

  • Bully Prevention
  • How to Recognize, Refuse and Report
  • The importance of being an “Ally”
  • How to initiate friendships

We are now taking reservations for the Spring 2015 school year. To book your date, please contact Hilary Stevens at 510-659-1319 or hilaryannstevens@gmail.com.


  • 1 show – $450
  • 2 shows (same day) – $800
  • 3 shows (same day) – $1,000

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Treasure Allies by Bethany Wallace

Swashbuckling scallywag! The good ship Buccaneer has had a bad case of the bullies, and it’s much worse than our hero Louis ever experienced on the playground. The pirate captain calls him names and won’t even let him off the ship in time to get to class! And that’s not all; it turns out the captain is being bullied himself. Can Louis and his fellow crew members teach their captain a few things about standing up to bullies before the next full moon? Or will Captain No-Beard come to pick on them and steal their map to the treasure?