START: Dance Program

StarStruck Dance Instructors will be holding dance assessments to determine which classes are appropriate for each student. There will be a jazz and tap session. You must attend the Jazz placement exam if interested in Jazz and/or attend the Tap placement exam if you are interested in Tap. Attending the placement exams are required for registration into the corresponding classes. Placement in the correct class is essential for the student’s health, learning and growth. Each tap or jazz class, when first created, is expected to remain together and improve as a group. There will be the rare occasion when a student is moved to another level at the instructor’s discretion.

*We have dance classes for beginners thru advanced!!


Our dances classes are progressive. We take training very seriously and it is our goal to prepare our students for the challenges of the main stage productions and to be able to audition well. It is crucial for each student to take responsibility for keeping up with lessons. Missing classes often puts a student far behind and interrupts the training of the entire class. Please sign-up for classes only if you can commit to the entire session (or at least most of the scheduled recurrences).


New classes start in September. Check back in July for more information and to register.