Legally Blonde – A real class action!

By Janet Grant

Ohmigod you guys! StarStruck Theater rocked the stage of Ohlone College Jackson Theater Friday night with “Legally Blonde the Musical.” Over 50 of the Bay Area’s brightest and best teen talent brought the house down with raucous entertainment and rousing musical numbers.

Originally a book by Amanda Brown, than a 2001 movie, “Legally Blonde the Musical” continues the lively franchise of Elle Wood and her Delta Nu sisterhood. Nominated for seven Tony awards, this feel-good musical was done proud by the able leadership of Director and Producer Lori Stokes and the amazing talent of Assistant Director and Choreographer, Jeanne Batacan-Harper. Music Director Nancy Godfrey as always, led an exceptional orchestra through a night of invigorating tunes.

The story is simple. Elle Wood, a vapid sorority queen is dumped by her boyfriend Warner because she isn’t serious enough for a guy on the fast-track. So what does she do? Follow him to Harvard Law School to win him back of course! And along the way, she finds friendship, love, loyalty, and her true potential and self-worth.

Starstruck newcomer Amy Tilson-Lumetta set the tone for the night portraying Elle Wood with charm, energy, and the right amount of vacuous humor and an amazing set of lungs!

Jonathan Barouch as Emmett Forrest, complimented Elle perfectly with his boyish sensitivity and knightly loyalty.

Jacob Woll was a convincing Warner Huntington III; deceptively charming and snakish.

Jeremy Griffith as the master slime ball Professor Griffith, was particularly effective with his “Blood in the Water”, a ruthless lawyer song if there ever was one!

Kelsey Findlay was hilarious as hair dresser and kind-hearted Paulette. Her “Ireland” number was one of the funniest songs of the evening and her endearing romance with Kyle the UPS man (portrayed uproariously by Connor Stokes) was a delightful side-story.

Allison D’Ambrosio was also convincing as fitness guru, Brooke Wyndham. Her athletic prowess was especially amazing in “Whipped into Shape.”

Special mention should also go to the talents of Karina Simpson (Vivienne Kensington), Calle Garrett (Enid), Katherine Hall (Chutney), and the Delta Nu Sorority Sister trio of Katherine de la Cruz (Pilar), Cara Wodka (Margot), and Amy Mendonca (Serena).

And as wonderful as the principal actors were, kudos have to go to the ensemble cast from the Greek Sisters to the Marching Band. The lively and energetic singing and dancing to such numbers as the opening “Omigod You Guys,” colorful and exuberant “What You Want,” jump rope extravaganza “Whipped into Shape,” and the hilarious “Bend and Snap,” were phenomenal and well worth the ticket price!

StarStruck’s production of “Legally Blonde the Musical” has everything a theater-goer could want – PG-13 humor, love, a murder trial, energetic show tunes, a marching band, a Greek chorus, two really cute dogs, and exceptional talent.

There’s nothing more an audience could ask for here. Come see StarStruck’s “Legally Blonde.” The jury is in with the verdict! It’s a fun, lively, fast-paced night of pure entertainment. Simply stated, the best ticket in town!

Legally Blonde
July 27 – August 11
7:30 p.m. (Sunday matinees at 2:30 p.m.)
Ohlone College, Smith Center Jackson Theater
43600 Mission Blvd., Fremont
(510) 659-1319

Reserved seating prices range from $22-$28
Thursday, August 2 performance will include American Sign Language interpretation.