View from the Pit – StarStruck Theatre’s “All Shook Up”

By Daria Wagganer
Fremont Patch, August 1, 2013

There’s a hidden treasure in Fremont, and I have the distinct honor of experiencing it from 6 feet under…as a member of StarStruck Theatre’s pit orchestra. I’ve been a musician since I was a little girl, but when I am down in the pit with StarStruck Theatre’s Musical Director Nancy Godfrey and 15 other amazing orchestra members – I truly feel like a kid again… and a lucky one at that!

There aren’t many youth theater companies in California that have the privilege of performing regularly with a live orchestra, and I know there aren’t many orchestras who are treated to the outrageous talent of the young cast members who take the stage at StarStruck. Being able to accompany these incredible kids and watch them grow show after show in their musical, acting and dance skills – and year after year in their confidence, self-esteem and cameraderie…well, it’s an indescribable gift!

Artistic Director Lori Stokes, Choreographer Jeanne Batacan-Harper and Musical Director Nancy Godfrey have done it again with StarStruck’s latest show – “All Shook Up” – one of their best musicals yet! It is a high-energy, rockin’ and rollin’, hilarious romp. Filled with jaw-dropping harmonic arrangements of classic Elvis songs and set to a “Footloose meets Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night” storyline – “All Shook Up” will have you laughing, crying, clapping, and on your feet dancing throughout the show! We in the orchestra can hardly keep from cracking up at the dialogue, or shedding a few tears during the goosebump-inducing ballads. So if you hear extra snorts of laughter that seem like they are coming from underground – that’s us.

We’d love to see everyone in the community come out and support the performing arts in Fremont. So bring your family and friends for a fabulous summer treat to see StarStruck’s “All Shook Up”! Bring a blanket – it’s chilly up there after the sun goes down… but the show is HOT!

Opening night is tomorrow – Friday, August 2nd and the show runs Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays through August 17th at 8pm at Ohlone College’s Outdoor Amphitheatre. Visit for more information.

And peek over into the pit after the show and say hello to us down there… See you at the show!