Frequently Asked Questions: Cyber Summer Conservatory

What is your cancellation policy?

If you must cancel, please send written notice as soon as possible. Before May 22nd, a $100 processing fee will be charged. We cannot provide a refund for cancellations made after May 22nd. To cancel, please email with your child’s name and the title of the camp they are registered for.

Can I switch sessions?

If you need to transfer, we are happy to do so, provided there is room available in the camp you are requesting and your child meets the recommended prerequisites. Please be aware that there is a transfer fee to switch sessions, determined by our registration service, Eventbrite. Email to arrange a transfer.

What does my child need to participate in CSC?

To participate in our Cyber Summer Conservatory, students must have access to a consistent internet connection, video and audio capabilities on a personal computer or laptop, ability to play music from a second device if needed, and an open space for dance classes. Intermediate and Advanced track students will need a soprano recorder for Prep Your Rep: Theory –the ones used in school are fine, or you can purchase one.

What is your ratio of staff/participants?

  • 4-week Cyber Summer Conservatory Tracks will admit a maximum of 15 students per track. Each course will have one lead teacher. Some courses may provide 2 teachers.
  • 2-week Cyber Summer Conservatory Tracks will admit a maximum of 20 students. Each course will have one lead teacher. Some courses may provide 2 teachers.
  • Tracks that do not meet the minimum number of enrollments (10 students per track) are subject to cancellation.

Can my child sign online early/late?

Students may be admitted to the Zoom video conference up to 5 minutes before class begins. Students attempting to log on to the call more than 5 minutes late may not be admitted to the video conference. Please arrive promptly- just as if we are meeting at the studio!
If you are experiencing technical difficulties, please email your instructor right away.

My child does not meet the age requirements. Can you make an exception?

Due to the popularity of our summer programs and the nature of our curriculum, all students must be the correct age by the start date of their camp. In the case of siblings who need to attend camp together, the older child may sign up for the younger siblings’ age group, but not vice-versa.

I am on the waitlist. How will I know if there is a space that becomes available?

If a track is full, you can register online for the waitlist via the regular Eventbrite registration link. There is no charge to be on a waitlist, you will not be charged for the conservatory unless we contact you with an open enrollment and you accept the spot. When we receive a cancellation, we will email or call the first person on the list- sometimes we fill the spot right away, and sometimes we have to contact several people before the space is filled.

Does everyone get to have a role in the camp play?

Due to the nature of online learning, The Cyber Summer Conservatory will not be performing a musical this year. Instead, we are excited to help students further their theatrical audition and performing techniques. Each student will work on solo speaking and singing- ultimately they will end up with better audition and performance technique. The next time we are able to have a performance in person, students will come to the audition room more prepared than ever to go for the role they desire!

How are students admitted to camp?

Students who were previously ADMITTED to one of our in-person camps and those who AUDITIONED for Les Miserables will be able to enroll in Cyber Cummer Conservatory one week prior to the public. That said, we unfortunately will not have space for ALL students that were previously admitted to our in-person camps. All registration will be on a first come, first served basis. If the staff feels that your student may be better suited for a different “track” level, you will be notified as soon as possible.

Why isn’t CSC a full-day program?

Thank you for asking! Through taking all of our Winter 2020 classes online mid-semester and conducting a 4-week Spring Online semester, the education staff at StarStruck has recently learned a lot about teaching in an online world! When creating our new Cyber Summer Conservatory, we took our experience and combined it with the experience of other teaching artists, professional performers, and public school teachers to create this exciting new program. Our research and hands-on experience has shown that an hour to hour-and-a-half of online instruction is the ‘sweet spot’ where students can maintain focus and interaction with the activity at hand.

Are conflicts acceptable during camp?

Due to the nature of our camps, students are expected to attend every day of camp. Any conflicts should be discussed with the instructor(s) prior to enrollment. Excessive conflicts may prevent a student from being admitted to camp.

Do you offer any scholarships or sibling discounts?

Limited scholarships are available. Please email for an application.

What is a Google Classroom?

Google Classroom enables teachers to create an online classroom area in which they can manage all the documents, videos, and other materials that their students need. It is also a great space for students to ask questions and engage in discussion with their peers. To join a Google Classroom, students will need an email address that is NOT issued by their school district. Parents may also join the classroom in addition to their students.

How will I receive the link to join my Zoom session? What if I can’t find the email you send?

Your link will be sent to you from, via the email you used to register for the Cyber Summer Conservatory. Also make sure to use your email provider’s search function to look for “StarStruck” to see if it ended up filtered into another area; for Gmail users especially, our emails tend to go into your Promotions or Updates tabs. If you still cannot find it, please contact us directly.

What devices can I attend the Zoom meetings on?

You can attend on a home computer or laptop (recommended), a tablet, or a smartphone. For singing classes, students will need an additional device to play their song accompaniment.

What if I experience technical difficulties during a Zoom meeting?

Please be sure to test your home computer / tablet / smartphone in advance of each meeting. If your internet is not working at the start of or during class, please email your instructor right away so that she may attempt to record the Zoom meeting for you to watch later. StarStruck is not responsible for faulty internet connection or equipment.

What if we’re able to meet in person?

We can’t wait to open the doors to our studios again! For the safety of our staff and students, Cyber Summer Conservatory plans to take place online no matter what. (Staying 6-feet apart and wearing masks while trying to sing, dance, and act doesn’t sound easy, but we promise we are working on finding a solution!) In the event that we are able to safely provide in-person programming, we will let everyone know!