We Stand With You

To our StarStruck family,

The StarStruck staff stands with you in this time of much needed change. Seeing so many of our alumni and current students marching and taking action in support of the BIPOC community has inspired us all. Silence is indifference, and we must all work together to dismantle racism in the United States.

From its inception, StarStruck was originally founded as a safe space for young artists and performers to cultivate creativity, empathy, and the joy of storytelling with their peers, no matter the color of their skin or their cultural background. It was and remains a home for every child to feel that they are seen, heard, and valued. This founding principle is especially imperative today as young artists of color and members of the Black community may experience and be witness to inequality in their daily lives. But we know that it is not enough simply to believe in creating an anti-racist environment both onstage and off. Our actions must reflect our belief system, and we pledge to listen, to learn, and to put anti-racist ideology into practice.

As such, we recommit to our mission to be inclusive and diverse in our classes, camps, and shows. We acknowledge that although we have made a conscious effort to be racially diverse in our casting choices and to tell racially inclusive stories, we may have not been perfect in the past and that there is a lot of learning to do even as we move through these difficult times and beyond.

As our staff continues to work from home, we have all been reflecting as individuals on how to proceed, and are coming together to discuss what action items we must take as a company. To start, we are currently in search of a diversity and inclusion advisor, and we are starting to dig deeper into our learning by attending a forum this week* hosted by Broadway Advocacy Coalition. (*Please note Day 1 of the forum, “Day of Healing,” is intended for black industry members only.)

If you would like to join us on June 11 and 12, please visit https://www.bwayforblm.com. As the Broadway Advocacy Coalition website states: “This forum is rooted in the Broadway theater community, but is intended for all who work in the theater industry: actors, stage managers, producers, ushers, marketing interns, industry vets, recent theater grads, from New York and beyond. We are creating a space for us all to come together and begin the process of becoming an anti-racist and equitable community.”

There is so much work to be done, but we know that young theatre people are incredibly passionate and capable of working with us to create positive change in the world. With all of us committing to fight for what is right, together we will stand with Black Lives Matter.

With love and solidarity,
The StarStruck Staff & Board