What is your cancellation policy?

If you must cancel, please send written notice as soon as possible. Before May 1st, a $100 processing fee will be charged. We cannot provide a refund for cancellations made after May 1st. To cancel, please email Education.StarStruck@gmail.com with your child’s name and the title of the camp they are registered for.

If you need to transfer, we are happy to do so, provided there is room available in the camp you are requesting. Please be aware that there is a $25 transfer fee to switch sessions. Email Education.StarStruck@gmail.com to arrange a transfer.

Where are the in-person camps held?

Rehearsals and performances for all in-person camps will be held at StarStruck's rehearsal studios on Osgood Road in Fremont, CA. We have two completely separate large warehouses each with their own bathroom and entrances, so StageStruck and StarKids camps will not interact.

What should my child bring to camp?

Campers must wear a mask at all times. Additionally, they should bring a lunch, a snack for morning break (no nuts, please), and a water bottle.  All students should come dressed to move with closed-toed shoes that will stay on the feet when jumping, crawling and rolling around. Camp can take place both indoors and out, so layers, sun protection, etc, are also a good idea.

What is your ratio of staff/participants?

  • Both in-person and online camps will have stable groups of 12 students and 3 instructors per camp group. 
  • Up to two different groups may be in person at the StarStruck Studios at the same time, but these groups will not be allowed to mix or socialize as they will be in separate rooms and outdoor spaces.
  • Camps that do not meet the minimum number of enrollments are subject to cancellation (although this is rare).

Will everyone wear a mask and stay socially distant?

We are so excited to welcome our students back to the studio this summer. All in person camps will adhere to current CDC and Alameda County guidelines as they undoubtedly shift. Our regular StarStruck staff is on track to be fully vaccinated by May and all staff/counselors/teachers/students will be masked at all times. During camp hours we will have our roll up doors open and air purifiers on. We will also be sure to sanitize generously before, during, and after each camp.

Can I drop off my child early/late?

StarStruck Theatre is unable to provide supervision prior to the camp’s start time, so all students must wait with a parent/guardian until it is the scheduled time for their camp to begin.

We ask that you drop your child off no earlier than 5 minutes before camp begins; this time is important for the teacher to prep.

Please be prompt at picking up your child from camp. StarStruck does not have resources for aftercare. We understand that traffic and other activities can be an issue, but please plan accordingly.

There is a 10-minute grace period after camp with a $2.00 fee for every minute thereafter. For example, if the scheduled dismissal time is 3:30 p.m., the grace period begins at 3:31 p.m. and remains in effect until 3:41 p.m. After 3:41 p.m, penalties are assessed.

My child does not meet the age requirements. Can you make an exception?

Due to the popularity of our summer programs and the nature of our curriculum, all students must be the correct age by the start date of their camp. In the case of siblings who need to attend camp together, the older child may sign up for the younger siblings age group, but not vice-versa.

I am on the waitlist. How will I know if there is a space that becomes available?

If a camp is full, you can register online for the waitlist. There is no charge to be on a waitlist, you will not be charged for the camp unless we contact you with an open enrollment and you accept the spot. When we receive a cancellation, we will email or call the first person on the list- sometimes we fill the spot right away, and sometimes we have to contact several people before the space is filled. In the event that CDC guidelines allow us to expand the number of students in camp or if we add an additional camp session, students on the waiting list will be notified first.

Does everyone get to have a role in the camp play?

YES! Keeping in mind that “there are no small parts, only small actors”, every student that is admitted to camp will have the opportunity for solo and group performance. Since our camp size is very small, we will focus greatly on working as an ensemble- each child will have plenty of time on stage.

How are students admitted to camp?

For StarKids! one-week camps, students are admitted on a first come, first served basis. Our StageStruck! two-week camps, however, are not first come first served. Since the two-week camps are very intense, admission is based on the student’s experience, conflicts, age, and the casting requirements of the show.

Are conflicts acceptable during camp?

Due to the nature of our camps, students are expected to attend every day of camp. Any conflicts should be discussed with the instructor(s) prior to enrollment. Excessive conflicts may prevent a student from being admitted to camp.

Can my child attend multiple camps?

Students are welcome to sign up for multiple StarKids (Ages 8-12) camps. Registration will be first come, first served on April 2nd at 10am.

For StageStruck and Showcase camps, students will be admitted to just one camp to start. If camps are not full, students may be invited to join a second session. Please be advised that the general format for each camp session will be very similar and start "from the beginning" for each session.

Do you have a backup plan for 2021 in-person camps?

You betcha! In the event that Alameda County numbers go back up, we will reach out to you, most likely with a hybrid or online alternative. Fingers crossed our country continues to heal so we can safely gather as planned. Should you have any questions or concerns, please email Courtney at Education.StarStruck@gmail.com

When are your summer camps announced?

Camps are usually announced in January, sign-ups are open from mid-February to mid-March. Due to the ongoing pandemic, our 2021 camps will be announced mid to late March, with registration beginning in April. In regular times, our camps tend to be very popular and can fill up within hours of being released to the public.

Do you offer any scholarships or sibling discounts?

Limited scholarships and sibling discounts are available. Please email Education.StarStruck@gmail.com for an application.