StarStruck Theatre is a youth community theatre organization that prides itself on producing the highest possible caliber productions. To that end, we offer costume rentals to other responsible community and school organizations. We know you understand the time, effort, and love put in the production of costumes and know that replacement is next to impossible. We know you will care for the garments we are renting to you. As this is not our primary business, we cannot accommodate rentals of less than $300. Rentals are subject to availability.

Rental fees: Price quote given upon request.

Security Deposit:

  • Local: All local rentals require a credit card for a security deposit. The credit card will not be charged unless penalties apply. Payment is due at the time of the final costume rental. Final payment may be paid by check or credit card. Make payable to StarStruck Theatre. Late fees are assessed at a rate of $10 per day, per costume.
  • Out of Town: All out-of-town rentals require a security deposit of half the value of the rental fees, as well as fee payment in full 30 days prior to ship date. Shipping costs will be taken out of the security deposit, and the remainder will be returned to the renter following the return of undamaged costumes.

Shipping fees: The renter is responsible for all shipping fees. Costs will vary.

NOTE: Please carefully review our Costume Rental Policies and Props Rental Policies in full before making an inquiry.