What is your cancellation policy?

A partial refund will be given if written notice is received via email at least two weeks prior to the beginning of the class. We cannot provide a refund for cancellations made less than two weeks prior to the start of your class. To cancel, please email Education.StarStruck@gmail.com with your child’s name and the title of the class they are registered for.

Is there a fee if I transfer classes or withdraw from a class?

Yes, the service fee is non-refundable. These fees are not collected by StarStruck and are subject to change without warning.

I am on the waitlist. How will I know if there is a space that becomes available?

If a class is full, you can register online for the waitlist by clicking the link in the class description. There is no charge to be on a waitlist, you will not be charged for the class unless we contact you with an open enrollment and you accept the spot. When we receive a cancellation, we will email or call the first person on the list- sometimes we fill the spot right away, and sometimes we have to contact several people before the space is filled.

What is your class size?

Class size varies. All classes have a minimum requirement of 6 students and a maximum of 15-35 students (depending on the class). Classes that do not meet the minimum number of students are subject to cancellation.

Can I try a class before I sign up?

We do not have an option to try a class before registration, but the final class presentation/performance of each session is an “open house” and anyone who would like to observe is welcome. Please contact our education team for more info. Education.StarStruck@gmail.com

Can I drop off my child early/late?

StarStruck Theatre is unable to provide supervision prior to the class start time,  so all students must wait with a parent/guardian until it is the scheduled time for their class to begin.

For in-person instruction, we ask that you drop your child off no earlier than 5 minutes before class begins; this time is important for the teacher to prep.

Please be prompt at picking up your child from class. Being late has a huge impact on our staff. We understand that traffic and other activities can be an issue, but please plan accordingly.

There is a 10-minute grace period after class with a $2.00 fee for every minute thereafter. For example, if the scheduled dismissal time is 5:30 p.m., the grace period begins at 5:31 p.m. and remains in effect until 5:41 p.m.  After 5:41 p.m, penalties are assessed.

My child does not meet the age requirements. Can you make an exception?

All students must be the minimum age by the start date of the class. If your child does not meet the age requirements of the current session, please check back! Most classes are offered in both the fall and the winter.

What should my child bring to class?

First and foremost, your child should bring their great attitude, playful nature, and team spirit! It is also a good idea to bring a water bottle (StarStruck provides a water cooler, but no longer provides paper cups) and snack (no nuts, please). All students should come dressed to move with closed-toed shoes that will stay on the feet when jumping, crawling and rolling around. 

Is it acceptable to have conflicts with class?

Due to the nature of our classes (especially performance based classes such as the Mini Musical), students are expected to attend every class. Any conflicts should be discussed with the instructor(s) prior to enrollment.

When are your classes announced?

Fall classes (September to November) are usually announced in July and Winter classes (January to March) are usually announced in November. There are limited class offerings in the Spring (March to June) which are often announced in late February.

Do you offer any scholarships or sibling discounts?

Limited scholarships are available most semesters. Please email Education.StarStruck@gmail.com for an application.

Is there a play on the last day of class?

StarStruck has both “performance” and “technique” classes. Performance classes (i.e. Mini Musical & Putting on a Play) typically have two 45-minute long performances on the last day of class where students may invite 2-3 family members to each performance. Technique classes (dance, acting, and voice) usually offer an informal class sharing for 10-20 minutes on the final class. 

Can my child join a class at any point in the semester?

No. Our classes are built so that each week, students add on to what they learned the week before. It is not possible to join a class after the first class of the semester has occurred.