Please Help Us Assure A Great Theatre Experience for Everyone

Part of the magic of live performance is the shared experience — the subtle interplay between performers and audience, and how laughing, crying, oooing and ahhing binds an audience. Etiquette is the rules of thumb that guide us so that everyone will have the best shared experience they can.


  • Arrive early. This allows everyone to be seated comfortably on time.
  • Leave sufficient time for parking. If you’re not familiar with the theater location, check our website for parking information and a map ahead of time.
  • Latecomers cannot be seated until there is a break in the performance. If you are late, our ushers are just doing their jobs if they ask you to wait.
  • Let us know about special access needs in advance. Unless all other seats are sold, seats are held aside for those with access needs. Please contact the box office to make arrangements.
  • Turn off your cell phone and any other electronic devices. Ring tones are not the only problem. Light and the motions of texting can distract other patrons and the performers. If you forget and your mobile rings during the performance, turn it off; do not answer. Please check for messages during the intermission. In addition, cell phones can interfere with the wireless technology used in the theater.
  • Sit in the seats you have purchased. That makes it easier for everyone else to find their own seats.
  • Plan for your comfort and not to distract others. Get everything out, or put away before performance begin. If you think they’ll be necessary, bring cough suppressants, lozenges, medications and have them at the ready; unwrap during applause, laughing or, best yet, intermissions.
  • Visit restrooms before the performance begins.
  • No Smoking. There is no smoking anywhere in the theater or on any of its premises.

During performances

  • React to what’s happening on stage. Please feel free to have honest reactions to what is happening onstage. Please laugh, applaud and enjoy the performance.
  • Do not talk, whisper, sing, or hum during the performance. That will distract both other audience members and the actors. Overtures are part of performances.
  • Do not eat or drink during performances
  • Do not litter. Volunteers prepare and clean our facility. Whatever you bring into the theater, please bring it out with you.
  • Do not leave early. Even more than arriving late, this distracts audience members and actors because you’re already in the theater.
  • Absolutely no picture-taking or recording during performances. We encourage you to share your experience via social media, but please refrain from gathering content or sharing during performances.
  • Need urgent assistance? If you need assistance during the show, please go to your nearest volunteer usher.
  • Please wait for the house lights to come up before leaving. This not only honors the performers, it’s just safer.

Children and Live Theatre

We believe that live performance can often be even more magical for children than adults.

Age Appropriateness

We normally have the recommended age on our website for each show. We strongly recommend that parents take time to determine which shows are appropriate for their children to attend. Please, no children under the age of two. Every child who attends a performance, regardless of age, must have their own ticket and seat.

Help Children Learn Theatre Etiquette

What’s familiar to adults, or at least common sense to us, might be unusual for children. Please help share theatre etiquette with your children who will be attending a StarStruck performance.

Some guidelines to prepare a young child for attending live performances:

  • Explain what makes attending a live performance with lots of people around different than watching television at home.
  • Answer questions ahead of time. Children are naturally and appropriately curious, but asking and answering questions during performances is disruptive.
  • They will be expected to be quiet, sit in their own chair, and not disturb others around them by talking or fidgeting. They will need to do this, with an intermission, for at least 90 minutes.
  • They will need to keep their feet on the floor, not on the seats around them. They should not kick the chair in front of them or stand during the performance.
  • They should not leave the theater except during intermission and only with their parent(s) or guardian.
  • They should use the restroom before the performance or during intermission and only with their parent(s) or guardian.
  • They may applaud, even cheer or shriek when appropriate.
  • The theater will be dark at times and sudden bursts of sounds or lights or smoke may happen. Please try to make your children aware of what to expect.

If your child becomes restless, frightened, or very loud for any reason, please take them to the lobby. Loud noise will travel into the theater. If your child is disrupting other patrons’ theatre experience, the ushers may ask you and your child to watch the show from the lobby on the closed circuit television.

Thank you for helping us to achieve a great live theatre experience for everyone!