Ali Allarde (Ensemble) is excited to perform in her first MainStage performance! Past roles include “Ensemble” in Finding Nemo Jr. (Mitty Summer Camp) and  “Teacher/Good Dragon” in Music by Menken (StarStruck Camp). Ali enjoys working with the talented cast and crew, and she can’t wait for you to experience the show. Enjoy!

Liliana Anaya (Ensemble) is thrilled to be in this show! She loves to dance, sing, and swim. She has enjoyed doing various mini musical classes here at StarStruck and also playing the role of Rapunzel in Into the Woods Jr (Stage 1 Theatre)She thanks you for coming to the show and is so excited to share this part of your world! 

Siena Anaya (Poor Unfortunate Soul/Ensemble) is 11 years old and loves to sing, swim, and play piano. Her favorite past roles include Little Anna in Frozen Jr. (StarStruck Mini Musical class) and Cinderella’s Stepmother in Into the Woods Jr. (Stage 1 Theatre). Siena can’t wait to go under the sea with you! Thank you for coming!

Neil Basu (King Triton) is excited to share this amazing performance with you! Neil’s favorite roles include Chiron in The Lightning Thief (StarStruck MainStage) and Selsdon in Noises Off (WHS PAC). He thanks all the staff and crew for their hard work on the show and hopes you enjoy it!

Emily Blake (ensemble) is excited to share the stage with her StarStruck friends once again. Favorite past roles include Hortensia in Matilda (StarStruck MainStage) and Jane in Peter Pan (Grand Performing Arts). Emily would like to thank her teachers, friends and family for all their love and support. 

Savannah Cannon (Maid/Ensemble) is thrilled to be in her third MainStage with StarStruck. Past productions at StarStruck include Frozen Jr. (Ensemble), Honk Jr. (Ugly) and Matilda (Ensemble). She thanks the staff, cast and crew for making this show such a memorable experience, and hopes you enjoy The Little Mermaid!

Lici Carey (Ursula) is a senior at James Logan. Their roles have included Sally/Oracle in The Lightning Thief (StarStruck Mainstage)  and Teen Angel in Grease (JLHS). They're so grateful to have a chance to play one of their dream roles and they’d like to thank their friends, teachers, and family for coming to support them!! <3

Benjamin Chen (Ensemble) is thrilled to be a part of StarStruck Theatre’s Little Mermaid! Past roles include Gleb Vaganov in Anastasia (AHSPA), the Doctor in Matilda the Musical (StarStruck), Ensemble in Les Miserables: School Edition (StarStruck) and more! He thanks everyone involved in the production and hopes that you enjoy the show!

Priyanka Chitlu (Ensemble) is a 12 year old with a passion for theatre. This is her first MainStage with StarStruck and is excited to be a part of the cast. Previous productions include The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee (Loggaine Schwartzandgrubeniere) and You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown (Ensemble) with Irvington’s Conservatory Theatre. She thanks the StarStruck team who worked so hard to make this possible. Enjoy the show!

Tristan Crane (Jetsam/Ensemble) is thrilled to join StarStruck in this performance among such talented and kind performers. Some past productions include Mary Poppins (Michael Banks), Seussical the Musical (Gurtrude), and Peter Pan (Lost Twin) with Grand Performing Arts. She is thankful for the support of friends and family, and the cast and crew for their work and dedication!

Lily Davis (Andrina) is so excited to be a part of this show! This is her sixth mainstage with StarStuck, including Les Misérables (Ensemble), The Lightning Thief (Mrs. Dodds/Ensemble), and Matilda (Mrs. Phelps). She has also performed in Once Upon a Mattress (Lady Larken) at Washington High School. She’s so grateful for everyone in the cast and crew! Enjoy the show!

Isabella Dong (Flounder), a ten-year-old with a YouTube channel ('Sing-with-Bella') boasting 150,000+ subscribers, is honored to return to StarStruck's MainStage after her role as Barrelina and Ensemble in last year's Matilda. She extends her heartfelt appreciation to the exceptionally talented staff and cast who’ve dedicated themselves to creating extraordinary professional shows.

Sydney Walker Freeman (Flotsam/Ensemble) is excited to be in her fifth StarStruck MainStage show, and seventh year as a part of this amazing program. Her past MainStages are The Lightning Thief, Matilda, Frozen Jr. (Middle Anna), and Wizard of Oz (Mayor of Munchkinland). Other credits include Ragtime (Little Girl) and Tuck Everlasting (Thomas Tuck) with TheatreWorks Silicon Valley, and some work with YATC. Sydney would love to thank the StarStruck team for being a second family to her, and her parents for always supporting her. She can’t wait for you to see this talented cast! 

Lucas Gallagher (Sailor/(Ensemble) is a senior at James Logan High School. This is his fifth main stage performance. Previous StarStruck shows include The Lightning Thief (ensemble) Les Misérables (ensemble), Frozen Jr. (ensemble), Wizard of Oz (ensemble). Lucas loves acting, singing, dancing and playing instruments. Huge thanks to the StarStruck Staff and he hopes that you will enjoy this adventure under the sea.

Luna Bella Hellman (Ensemble) is so excited to be in her second StarStruck MainStage show! Some of her past shows with StarStruck include Matilda (Alice), Madagascar Jr (Lynn), and more. She is also part of Castro Valley Performing Arts’ competitive dance team. She would like to thank the cast, crew, and mentors for making this show come alive. Enjoy The Little Mermaid!

Lillian Jenkins (Jetsam/Ensemble) is wickedly excited to be part of her 3rd StarStruck MainStage! Past productions with StarStruck include Frozen Jr. (Ensemble) and Matilda (Big Kid). Lily loves to play music and sing, and is so thankful to be in theatre. She is so grateful to her parents, who support and love her every day.

Audrey Jeronimo (Water Dancer/Ensemble) is thrilled to perform in another StarStruck Mainstage. Favorite past roles include, The Lightning Thief (Ensemble) with StartStruck Theatre, James and the Giant Peach (James) with Royal Theatre Academy, and Bye Bye Birdie (Kim MacAfee) with her school. She thanks the staff who worked on the production and the supportive cast. Enjoy the show!

Taia Kao (Ensemble/Water Dancer) is an eleven-year-old who loves to put on musicals. Favorite past roles include “Yurtle the Turtle” in Seussical Kids (StarStruck class) and Olaf in Frozen Kids (StarStruck class). She is so grateful for the hard working cast, crew, and staff. She hopes this show will be the best thing you’ll ever see!

Jai Kaushik (Grimsby) is very excited to be a part of The Little Mermaid here at StarStruck. His previous work includes Anastasia (Dmitri), Moon Over Buffalo (Richard Maynard), and Freaky Friday (Pastor Bruno/Dr. Ehrin) at American High School. He wants to thank the cast, crew, and staff for their dedication in putting together this production, and hopes you enjoy the show!

Gemma Maria Krotz (Aquata/Tapping Seagull) feels so thrilled to be cast in her 7th MainStage show with StarStruck Theatre.  This 16-year-old is very grateful for this opportunity to grow and laugh with this amazing cast and crew. Her favorite past productions with StarStruck include Matilda (Mrs Wormwood), Les Misérables (Lovely Lady/Ensemble), Frozen Jr. (Mrs. Oaken/Specialty Dancer/Ensemble), and Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory Kids (Wonka). Gemma thanks her parents, familia, teachers and friends, for supporting her every step of the way.

Joanna Kuehner (Ensemble) is a 13 year old girl with a love for theater and a passion for dance! Some favorite roles are “Taylor McKessie” in High School Musical (Ray of Light), and “Lucas” in The Addams Family (Kids N’ Dance). Joanna is excited to be a part of this StarStruck MainStage production and kindly thanks the staff and crew for their hard work to make this show the best it can be! Enjoy!!!

Adalyn Lowe (Flotsam/Ensemble) is so excited to be in her fourth Starstruck MainStage! Previous Mainstages include Frozen Jr, Les Misérables, and Matilda. She has also participated in StarStruck summer camps: The Lion King Kids (Shenzi) and Honk Jr. (Ida). Thank you to everyone who brought this show to life, and enjoy!

Russell Lym (Sebastian) is stoked to be performing in StarStruck Theatre’s production of The Little Mermaid alongside such an incredible cast! This is his eighth MainStage show with StarStruck. Past shows include The Lightning Thief (Aunty Em), Matilda (Sergei), Les Misérables (Sailor/Feuilly), Frozen Jr. (Sven), and Newsies (Les). He would like to thank everyone who worked so hard to bring this show to life, and he hopes you have the time of your life Under the Sea! ;) @russellmakai

Afia Marium (Ensemble) is very excited and grateful to be in StarStruck’s production of The Little Mermaid! Some of her past classes and camps with StarStruck include Madagascar Jr. (Lioness), Honk Jr. (Turkey), and Frozen Kids (Elsa). She wants to thank everyone who made this show possible, and hopes you enjoy it!

Charles A. Monk (Sailor/Ensemble) is excited to be in his first StarStruck production! His favorite previous roles are “Mr. D” in The Lightning Thief (Washington High School) and “Garry Lejune” in Noises Off (Washington High School). He hopes you enjoy the show!

Kamran Motahari (Scuttle) is delighted to be in his third musical with StarStruck! He is 11 and has previously been seen as Michael Wormwood in Matilda (StarStruck Mainstage) and Private in Madagascar Jr. (StarStruck 4 week camp). When he's not at the theater, he's usually at the dance studio or out on the soccer field. He wants to say a huge thank you to everyone at StarStruck for being awesome and so fun to work with!

Melanie Munoz (Adella) is very excited to be a part of her first StarStruck Production. In the past she has played Olive Ostrovsky in The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee and Betty Rizzo in Grease at James Logan High School. She wants to thank her friends and family for coming to support her!

Cheyenne Ng (Ensemble) is a bright and young girl. She has performed in various StarStruck classes and camps including Putting on a Play and Mini Musicals. Cheyenne’s favorite is probably Lion King Kids summer camp. She wishes good luck to the cast. 

Hannah Oviatt (Carlotta/Water Dancer/Ensemble) is excited to perform her fifth MainStage production with StarStruck. Some of her favorite past roles include: The Baker's Wife in Into the Woods Jr. (Stage 1), Ensemble in Les Miserables (MainStage, StarStruck), and Hannah/Ginny in Puffs (Kennedy High School Theatre). She wholeheartedly wants to thank the cast and crew for their hard-work and support. Enjoy the show!!

Karina Patel (Ensemble) is thrilled to be in her first StarStruck MainStage Production! Some of her past shows include StarStruck’s Madagascar Jr. 2023 summer camp (Ensemble), AHSPA’s Anastasia (Young Anastasia), and StarStruck’s Honk Jr. 2022 summer camp (Beaky). She really appreciates the cast and crew for making this show amazing.

Amelie Ramarao (Poor Unfortunate Soul/Ensemble) is thrilled to be sharing her second StarStruck MainStage. Favorite past productions include Matilda (StarStruck MainStage) and Honk Jr. (StarStruck summer camp). She is honored to be performing amongst such talented people, and hopes that you'll have a truly magical experience watching the show!

Emily Sison (Ensemble) is excited to share her second MainStage StarStruck performance with so many amazing people. Favorite past roles include Ensemble in Les Miserables (StarStruck MainStage), Lady Macbeth in Macbeth (StarStruck class), and Brooke Ashton in Noises Off (WHS PAC). She would like to thank the cast, crew, and her family/friends for all the love. enjoy the show <3

Aaron Sorci (Windward) is so happy to be performing in his second StarStruck MainStage alongside wonderfully talented cast mates. His most recent shows are Into the Woods Jr. (Stage1 Theatre) as the Steward, Madagascar Jr. (StarStruck Summer Camp) as Rico, and Matilda the Musical (StarStruck MainStage) as Bruce. He would like to thank his family, the cast, and the crew for their support.

Danielle Sorci (Maid Soloist/Ensemble) is so excited for her second MainStage show with StarStruck Theatre! She has recently appeared in Matilda the Musical (StarStruck Theatre) and Into the Woods Jr. (Stage 1 Theatre). She is very grateful for the love and support of the cast and her family. Enjoy the show!

Hannah Sorci (Leeward/Poor Unfortunate Soul/Ensemble) is super excited to have you come watch our show! A few past shows you might have seen her in are Matilda the Musical (Little Kid Ensemble, StarStruck Theatre), Madagascar Jr. (Lioness, StarStruck Theatre), and Into the Woods Jr. (Milky-White, Stage 1 Theatre). She would like to thank her family and friends for supporting her through this process, and she would like to thank the cast and crew for putting together this amazing show and making it the best it can be. Now sit back, relax, and enjoy The Little Mermaid!

Emmanuel “Manny” Suarez (Chef Louis, Sailor) is excited for Little Mermaid to be his fourth StarStruck MainStage! His last show was StarStruck’s production of Matilda. His favorite characters he has played are Combeferre in Les Misérables, The Escape Artist in Matilda and Mr D in The Lightning Thief- all with StarStruck. He is glad to be able to be in such an amazing show at the start of his second year of acting and hopes that you enjoy his and all the cast members' performances.

Josephine Sun (Water Dancer/Ensemble) is excited to be in her first MainStage! She wants to thank the cast and crew for their dedication and hardwork. Past StarStruck class productions include The Perfect Ending (Civil Defense Warden) and Lafayette No.1 (Moab). Enjoy the show!

Elizabeth Surridge (Ensemble) is excited to be a part of her 4th StarStruck MainStage show. Her favorite StarStruck role to date was playing Young Cosette in Les Miserables. She would like to thank her talented cast and the amazing backstage workers and volunteers for bringing the show to life. She hopes you enjoy the show!

Lilia ten Bosch (Ariel) is a Junior at Moreau Catholic High School, where she is a member of Rally Squad, Student Government, and Music Ministry. Lilia has been a part of 7 MainStage StarStruck shows including The Little Mermaid. One of her favorite roles was playing Eponine in StarStruck's 2022 summer MainStage production of Les Misérables. Lilia would like to thank the StarStruck staff and cast for putting together another incredible show. She is very excited and hopes that all of you enjoy it! @lilia10b

A.J. Torrado (Ensemble) is ecstatic to perform in his second MainStage StarStruck performance with this cast. Past productions include The Lightning Thief (Gabe, Ares, Ensemble) with StarStruck, and Anastasia (Vlad Popov) at American HS. He thanks all of the cast and crew and hopes that you all enjoy the show!

Gracie Wagner (Atina) is an eighteen-year-old thrilled to be a part of this cast as her fifth main stage show with StarStruck Theatre. Past StarStruck roles include Miss Honey in Matilda, Madame Thénardier in Les Misérables, and more. She thanks the cast and crew for making this beautifully fun and exciting show an even more wonderful environment to work in and hopes the audience enjoys their time under the sea! 

Ishaan Wankhade (Ensemble) is excited to be in his fourth MainStage show at StarStruck. His first three MainStage shows were Frozen Jr. as Olaf, Matilda as Big Kid Ensemble, and Lightning Thief as Ensemble. He thanks everyone who worked on the show, and hopes you enjoy it!

Madeline Weston (Arista) is a 17 year old student at Ohlone Community College who enjoys training dogs and riding dressage. This is her eighth mainstage show with StarStruck. Past productions include Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat (Dream Chorus), Shrek (Dwarf), Les Misérables (Ensemble), and Matilda (Acrobat). Madeline is overjoyed to be part of this magical underwater production of The Little Mermaid and thanks everyone who is involved!

Max Weston (Ensemble) has performed with StarStruck Theatre for seven years now. His previous roles include Guard in Shrek The Musical, Dream Chorus in Joseph…, and Constable in Les Misérables (all by StarStruck). He has enjoyed working with such a talented and energetic cast and crew and he hopes you love the show.

Janiya Williams (ensemble) is excited to perform with the amazing cast of the The Little Mermaid. This her first MainStage performance here at StarStruck! Past roles include Pabbie/Bulda in Frozen Kids (StarStruck Mini Musical class) Snowy in Honk Jr. (StarStruck Camp) and Tessy in Annie Kids (StarStruck Camp). Excited for the show!

Isla Williams (Alana) is a 9th grader and is incredibly excited for her role in The Little Mermaid. Previous roles include Marcy Park in The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee (Irvington Conservatory) and Little Shrek in Shrek (StarStruck MainStage). She would like to thank all the people she met while exploring her interest in musical theater.

Hayden Wood (Prince Eric) is delighted to join StarStruck for The Little Mermaid and perform onstage alongside such talent! Previous roles include SpongeBob Squarepants in SpongeBob The Musical (RTA), and Sky in Mamma Mia! (Amador High School). He would like to thank his family and friends for their support! @jhaydenw_

Vanessa Xu (Ensemble) is so excited to be performing in her third MainStage with StarStruck! Some of her recent StarStruck shows include The Lightning Thief (Ensemble), Matilda (Ensemble), Madagascar Jr. (Mason), and more. She thanks the cast, crew, and all her family and friends for the support. Enjoy the show!

Grace Zhao (Water Dancer/Ensemble) is so delighted to be performing her second MainStage with StarStruck Theatre! Her favorite past roles with StarStruck include Matilda (Big kid Ensemble), Honk! Jr. (Dot), and many more. She thanks the wonderful crew and cast at StarStruck and hopes you all enjoy the show!